Innovation centre

The Hidria Innovation Centre draws together Hidria institutes, technology centres, incubators for the development of new programmes and the Hidria Knowledge Academy. It regularly monitors and rewards the innovativeness of its employees. Its principal mission is to develop innovations that will ensure Hidria is part of the global effort for sustainable development of the environment. The Hidria Innovation Centre generates technologically complex solutions for the automotive industry and indoor climate with a high share of integrated knowledge.

Hidria's intensive innovation activities are further upgraded by Hidria's active participation in numerous international projects and associations.

Innovativeness of employees

Hidria develops, encourages and rewards innovative thinking of all employees. Awards for the best achievements in the field of innovations in the past year are presented at Hidria’s annual Innovation Forum.

Hidria Institutes

Hidria Institutes generate technologically complex solutions for the automotive and industrial technologies with a high share of integrated knowledge.

Technology centres

Technology centres in all Hidria's production companies develop new technologies that support the production of high-tech products.


Our incubators develop new promising programmes all the way through to their successful launch in the marketplace.

Academy of Knowledge

Our Academy of Knowledge provides permanent education for Hidria’s experts, students, young researchers, designers and contractors. Hidria offers training in high-technology institutes, laboratory visits, presentations of products and the modelling of desired solutions. Hidria institutes are gathering places of renowned international experts and high-level guests.

Development partnerships

As an established and competent partner, Hidria's companies are intensively involved in international, European projects at a cross-border level or at the European level via application to different EU calls.

Innovativeness of employees

We regularly monitor and upgrade the innovative activity of our employees and present awards for the best achievements regarding innovations in the previous year at the annual innovation forum.