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Our innovators once more at the top

Hidria proves again that our innovators are the best in our country. Yesterday, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GZS) awarded them with a gold and two silver awards for best innovations of the North Primorska region. The gold innovation - the control module for the “after-treatment” system - will also compete for the best innovation in Slovenia.

The gold-winning innovators from Hidria AET - Jaka Kleč, Jani Čebokli, Matija Gaberšček, Aleš Kranjc, Jernej Rejc, Dean Kravos, Andraž Gregorčič, Rok Bizjak and Črtomir Juren - developed the control module for the “after-treatment” system on the exhaust pipe for the American company Caterpillar. This system results in a significant reduction in harmful gas emissions. Its advantage is that it can simultaneously control several subsystems in conjunction with the catalytic converter. This allows for a smooth and environmentally friendly operation of the internal combustion engine. The innovation will also compete for Slovenia’s best innovation.

The innovators from Hidria AET received also a silver award together with their colleagues from Hidria TC. Aldo Murovec, Davorin Rejc, David Mašera, Boštjan Zaletel, Boštjan Grižonič and Silvin Šavle developed a fully automated Assembly line for the electronics of the diesel engine cold start system with the Optymus PSG pressure sensor, which allows for a 100% traceability. This means that the customer knows the process and production parameters for each delivered system. Only domestic know-how means that all know-how remains in Slovenia, and this protects the important technological knowledge of one of the greatest Slovenian breakthrough innovations.

Hidria’s Leonardo business model was awarded the GZS silver regional prize. It was developed by Irena Rimac Gaspari, Tanja Mohorič and Iztok Seljak, PhD. The model is based on an open innovation and strongly involves external partners in the process itself. This makes the development of competent supply chains and partner networks possible. Key suppliers can now pro-actively make proposals and give initiatives to improve the business of Hidria and its suppliers.