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Hidria AET at an important international conference on sensors

Hidria AET participated in important international conference in Germany, on the topic of sensors and their impact on the reduction of harmful emissions. Our corporation was represented by Peter Uršič who presented the unique Hidria Optymus PSG system to the participants.

For the fourth year in a row, all major manufacturers of vehicles, their suppliers and experts in sensorics gathered in the German city of Augsburg. At the international conference, they discussed the latest trends and solutions in this area and were looking for new ways to reduce emissions caused by modern transport that are hazardous for the environment and health. Sensor technology is gaining importance in the automotive industry, since the latest technology enable a very accurate measurement of processes in motor vehicle engines, and these data are used to improve the vehicle’s driving characteristics.

Our corporation was represented by Peter Uršič (Hidria AET) who presented our innovative and internationally award-winning diesel engine cold start system with the pressure sensor Optymus PSG to the international experts and the audience. The modern sensor technology developed by our corporation collects the data about the functioning of the engine directly from its cylinders and sends them to the central car computer; this reduced harmful emissions and fuel consumption by up to 30%. Our invention has already been recognised by all major diesel engine manufacturers worldwide as the best.