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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awards prizes to Hidria’s innovators

Yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded prizes to the best innovators in the state. Hidria’s innovators received two prizes.

Mirko Petrovčič, Simon Knez and Bojan Lapanja from Hidria Institute Klima received the silver plaque of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the development of hybrid IPM motor. The start-up of the new electrical motor was designed on the basis of the principle of asynchronous motor with a short-circuit cage, and for permanent operation, the concept of energy-efficient synchronous electrical motor with permanent magnet was used. The motor which is a new product on the market has extraordinary energy efficiency. The product is so original that Hidria will patent it.

Davorin Rejc, Jože Pregelj and Valter Žagar from Hidria AET received the bronze plaque for the innovative construction and production of the device for the sustainability test of low-voltage glow plugs and controllers. This innovation is the result of Hidria’s response to customer demands. The device enables a simultaneous test of 50 glow plugs in five blocks of 10 glow plugs under different environmental impacts that can be pre-set, created in a joint chamber. Each block is designed as an independent unit that enables the functioning of different profiles of testing glow plugs and FSS controllers, regular monitoring, capturing and analysing of data.