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Hidria and Bausch from now on under the same roof

On 16 December the Slovenian corporation Hidria based in Ljubljana and the German company Dr. Karl Bausch (hereinafter: Bausch) with registered office in Vaihingen, signed a contract and thus successfully completed the merger process, whereby Bausch was merged with the Hidria corporation. Bausch is one of the leading European development suppliers of top technological solutions for the automotive industry and the preferred supplier of the Bosch corporation.

 Merging with Bausch, Hidria greatly increased the already largest and quickly growing range of laminations for electrical motors, strengthened its role on the German market, consolidated its position as one of the four leading European lamination manufacturers and joined the leading global manufacturers. Hidria's annual revenue will after the merger with Bausch increase to EUR 250 million.

The merger of Hidria and Bausch, who have been business partners for a series of years, brings both numerous advantages. Hidria and Bausch will consolidate their presence in the demanding automotive industry, merge development competences and production technologies. "The company Bausch decided for the merger with Hidria because of a better market position and long-term security," said one of the company's Directors, Kurt Bausch, upon signing the contract on 16 December 2010 in Vaihingen, Germany. Vice-President of Hidria Management Board Boštjan Bratuš, who was in charge of the project at Hidria, added that the merger with Bausch was a completely friendly acquisition, as the business partners opted for it because of greater competence and competitiveness that they will achieve jointly.

Bausch, managed by the brothers Kurt Bausch and Günther Bausch, is a family company with 392 employees, generating EUR 50 million in revenues per year. It has recorded good financial result also in recent years characterised by the global economic crisis. The company boasts 50 years of tradition and operates at four locations, of which two are in Vaihingen, Germany, and two in Hungary. It is a development supplier and manufacturer of advanced technological solutions mainly for the automotive industry. It supplies solutions to respectable corporations, which besides Bosch include also: Beru, Delphi, EBM Papst, Valeo and others. Business partners value Bausch, which is operating in line with the ISO TS 16949:2002 international quality certificate for the automotive industry, because of its reliability, quality, innovativeness and technological competence. After the merger with Hidria, the company Bausch will be renamed Hidria Bausch and will market its solutions under the Hidria Bausch brand.