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Upgraded air handling unit Optima2

The continuous development of the program air handling units led to the upgrade of the unit Optima D33, which will be replaced by a new model – Optima2 by the first January 2012. This model will also replace the housing KSM D15.

The indoor type air handling unit Optima2 is available in sizes up to 15/15 with the maximum air flow volume of approx. 20,000 m3 / h. In addition to the improved compact housing, it is distinguished by all the advantages of the prior model: flexibility in installation, easy maintenance and the possibility of housing protection as well as low energy consumption.

Improved was therefore mainly the housing, while the heart of the device, the embedded components, remains the same. By optimizing the wall thickness, which was reduced to 25 mm, good thermic and acoustic characteristics of the housing are maintained, while the air tightness and the aestetic appearance was improved.