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"A better climate" at the Kremlin thanks to Hidria

Hidria, one of the leading European corporations in the field of air conditioning systems, is also becoming increasingly established on the Russian market. The quality of Hidria's solutions has been recognised at the Kremlin in Moscow, where Hidria assisted in the complete renovation of the Palace of Facets – one of the ceremonial buildings used by the President of the Russian Federation – through its products and solutions in the field of air conditioning systems.

Moscow, the administrative and economic centre of the Russian Federation, can without a doubt boast many tourist attractions, the picturesque Red Square and the Kremlin nesting right by it being the most prominent. The latter has long been the residence of great Russian tsars, while today it is home to part of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.
Secluded within the walls of the Kremlin is one of the oldest public buildings in Moscow – the Palace of Facets. It is a building of great prestige, once the centre of a larger royal palace that used to host the sessions of the Boyar Duma and celebrations of all kinds. In the time of tsarist Russia, a secret room for the tzarina and her children was also built. The palace has held on to its prestige and significance as one of the ceremonial buildings of the President of the Russian Federation.
The over 520 year old edifice recently underwent a complete renovation, which Hidria also took part in. Since this is a building of exceptional historical importance, the renovation was conduced under the strict and vigilant eye of the Russian Council for Cultural Heritage. As one of the companies involved in the project, Hidria again showed itself to be a company that knows how to listen to its customers and offer the most appropriate solutions.
Hidria's experts carried out a detailed CFD analysis and built aluminium ventilation grids into the Palace of Facets. We can thus safely say that there is now a better 'climate' behind the walls of the Kremlin.