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New tehnical catalogue for air distribution and air flow volume control

On our website the new Technical Catalogue for air distribution and air flow volume control is published with new design. The new Catalogue is currently available in English. The Catalogue consists of nine parts:






1.      Ventilating grilles, ventilating valves

Added products:
  • Aluminium grille AR-19
  • Aluminium grille AR-8DP for floor installation
  • Stainless steel grilles RR-1, RR-3
  • Grilles from galvanised steel sheet JRP, SKP, SRP
  • Curved steel grilles JRU-5, JRU-6
  • Staircase swirl diffusers STD-1, STD-2
 Phased out:
  • Ventilating grilles PR, AR-1, AR-2 and registers for grilles C, C1, G, G1;

 2.      Circular diffusers, square diffusers

Added products:
  • Round plenum boxes for difussers OD-1, OD-2 and OD-3N
 Phased out:
  • Square diffusers KD-6, KD-7, KD-12

3.     Swirl diffusers, variable swirl diffusers

Added products:
  • Swirl diffusor OD-15
  • Variable swirl diffuser OD-14 is an active ceiling diffuser for supply air, which provides a large throw distances over the whole air flow range. An external room controller varies the room air flow rate by changing position of difussers hat driven by teh Belimo actuator. 
  • Variable swirl diffuser OD-17 is an active ceiling diffuser for supply air with varying volume flow. Motorized control of the control damper ensures constant throw lenght at constant static pressure in duct for maintaining the ceiling effect.
  • Measuring damper OK for variable and variable swirl diffusers
  • Round plenum box for difussors OD-11, OD-11V
Phased out:
  • OD-6

4.      Slot diffusers, round duct diffusers

Added products:
  • Wall mounted slot diffusers LD-13S, LD-14S
  • Slot diffusers LD-17, LD-18
  • Nozzle diffusers LD-19, LD-20 

5.      Air displacement units

Added products:
  • Added all types of volume control in the spigot: M, DL-1/R, F, RŽ-1/B/R 

6.      Supply air nozzles

 7.      External elements

Added products:
  • Rectangular supply air/exhaust air tower SP
  • Steel protection louvres JZR-8 

8.      Air flow control units

Added products:
  • Louvre for maintaining the preset pressure difference JNŽ-6W               
  • Mechanic flow-rate controllers MRP-3, MRP-4
  • New actuators  Belimo for RŽ and ZL 

9.      Sound attenuators, sound attenuating louvres