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New features of floor convectors

Floor convectors are among the most popular Hidria's heating and cooling devices, which are especially suitable for public and business buildings or swimming pools with large glass surfaces, where condensation has to be prevented effectively. Investors and home owners choose floor convectors as an aesthetically pleasing and room saving option for heating, cooling and ventilating of residential premises.

We are proud to present you some new features of floor convectors, which are included in our updated floor convectors catalogue:

TKV H=80 mm

  • New floor convector with forced convection. Available in two standard widths: 200 mm and 300 mm. Due to their low housing height they are particulary suitable for installation into pavements with heights under 100 mm. Typical examples are renovations of old buildings or  new modern buildings with lower pavement heights, which are a result of using modern insulation materials.

New TKH / 2C / 60

  • Using a more powerful tangential fan, this models can achieve almost double heating and cooling capacities, compared with TKH/2C/45 models. They are mainly suitable for larger open spaces with glazed walls and higher heating gains, such as hotel lobbys, halls, corridors, etc.

Higher heating capacities of all TKV

Some new regulation accessories

  • for example new LCD electronic room thermostat 037 and specially designed relay interface R4, used for TKH-4C (4-pipe system) regulation.

New floor convector models with fresh air supply option

  • used in cases, when the floor convector is designed for room heating/cooling and also for supplying prepaired fresh air from the air handling unit. The fresh air connection design can be tailor made, with or without manual damper. Supply air flow rates are up to 80 m3/h per connection.

All the new data are already included in the updated selection software Klima TK 2.2. Additionally, some interface changes were implemented, for example the width selection field. Now widhts 200, 300 and 400 can be selected, instead of one row, two row and three row in the previous edition.