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New family of fire dampers with CE marking

Hidria IMP Klima enhanced the product portfolio with new fire dampers with CE marking. The newly unified European legislation in the field of fire protection features a new product standard, which requires the use of CE marking for fire dampers according to SIST EN 15650:2010.


The standard further defines procedures for testing and manufacturing control of fire dampers. Important new features of dampers with CE marking are:
  • fire test acc. to EN 1366-2 for each particular installation and partition,
  • additional testing of thermal fuse,
  • increased housing tightness,
  • testing of fire dampers with electronic actuators for 10,000 cycles,
  • determination of aerodynamic characteristics, etc.

An important new feature for users is also the requirement of the European standard, that installed dampers have to be tested in semi-annual intervals.

Hidria IMP Klima certified five families of fire dampers with CE marking, which are tailored to the current market demands and offer multiple optimization possibilities.

The novelties in our offer are two CE certified families of fire dampers, namely PL-21 and PL-30. The rectangular PL-21 is available in sizes from 150 x 150 up to 1500 x 800 mm, while the dimensions of the circular fire damper PL-30 are from DN 100 up to DN 500 mm. The declared fire resistance is EI90S or EI60S, the fire dampers are suitable for installation in solid walls and ceilings. The new execution of fire dampers is technically optimized also in regard of savings in energy required for air distribution via duct network. With new damper investors and installers are given the opportunity of extensive cost optimization.

Within the range of CE certified dampers, the versions PL-19, PL-20 and PL-10 fulfill the highest requirements. The rectangular damper PL-19 and circular dampers PL-20 and PL-10 with fire resistance EI90S or EI120S allow installation in most partitions, including light gypsum wallboards. Now even within a single fire damper family different fire resistance classes can be chosen.

>>> Download catalogue PL-21
 >>> Download catalogue PL-30