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New floor convector line TK-13

We are introducing a new generation of Hidria floor convectors - modern and highly functional heating and cooling units, which can be discreetly implemented into a wide variety of interiors. The complete line has experienced a thorough renovation - from convectors with natural convection (TK-13), to models with fans for heating (TKV-13), as well as models for heating and cooling (TKH-13).

Among the main goals in developing a new generation was the reduction of energy consumption and operating costs, while the heating and cooling capacities have been significantly increased. In addition to numerous technical improvements also new wooden and metal grilles with I-profile and an expanded color palette are to be mentioned. More user-friendly is now the maintenance and cleaning of floor convectors, new are also some regulation accessories, including thermostats with LCD display.
Preserved, of course, are all the good features of the previous generation - a contemporary and elegant design, the possibility of installation in 2 - and 4-pipe systems, 3-step or stepless control and virtually unlimited possibilities of custom made convectors that are optimally adapted to the architecture of the various premises.

Main advantages 

  • Significantly improved quality-price ratio
  • Up to 15% higher heating capacities
  • Up to 10% higher cooling capacities
  • Approved technical characteristics measured in accordance with European standard EN 442
  • Special designs and individually tailored solutions

Main technical improvements

In addition to numerous technical improvements to housing, which provide quieter operation and easy installation, the main new feature is presented by new fans that allow optimal hot/cold air distribution along the entire convectors length. For individual major projects, there is also the possibility of versions with EC motors. Several improvements in the field of regulation accessories allow greater flexibility and smaller possibility of inadequate connection of electrical components.


TK, TKV (heating) TKH (heating & cooling)
W: 200, 300, 400 mm
W: 340, 400 mm
H: 70 (TK), 80 (TKV), 105, 140 mm
H: 140 mm
L: 1100-3200 mm (step: 100 mm)
3200-5000 mm (step: 200 mm)
L: 1250, 2000, 2750 mm


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