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Hidria’s Management Board has been strengthened and is now more focused

The vital initial stage of the agreement with the partner banks is being concluded, confirming our ambitious plan to gradually boost sales to € 350 million over the next five years. With the aim to realise the planned profitable growth, we revised and refreshed the management of the corporation.

The strengthened and more focused Management Board of Hidria includes:

Iztok Seljak, in addition to management as before, he will be responsible for corporate strategy, innovation, sales, marketing, PR and for the company Hidria IMP Klima.

Gašper Svetlik, corporate finance, controlling and accounting, grants, risk management and legal affairs.

Dušan Lapajne, corporate information technologies, logistics, purchasing, quality, safety policy, environmental protection, the business units Hidria Alutec, Hidria Movent and Hidria Mototec and the company Hidria Rotomatika.

Boštjan Bratuš, corporate development, technology, mergers and acquisitions, HR, intellectual property, technology centres, the business units Hidria Lamtec and Hidria Dieseltec and the companies Hidria AET and Hidria Bausch.

Christof Droste, corporate business excellence, restructuring, production, HLS processes and Tomos.

In line with our vision and strategy, we significantly strengthened our presence on the challenging automotive market, thereby confirming our superior capabilities and range. The Climate division is also undergoing a successful restructuring process. The operational and financial restructuring processes are running in parallel and will gradually and completely stabilise and normalise our financial positions in the future.