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Gained: gold and silver certificates

Today, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce awarded the partnership of SiEVA development centre and Hidria a gold certificate for the best innovation of the year - diesel cold start system with a pressure sensor. We also received a silver certificate for the development of the Air Light production line.

Hidria has already signed strategic contracts with major global manufacturers of diesel vehicles worth more than 110 million euros. The diesel cold start system with a pressure sensor represents a ground-breaking innovation in the automotive world, since it will reduce the release of harmful gases into the environment and fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent. With the awarded innovation Hidria will cover more than 30 per cent of global demand in this segment. From 2018, the diesel cold start system with a pressure sensor will be installed into at least every third newly produced diesel car in the world. The first new vehicles will be introduced with even more stringent emission requirements that will significantly less pollute the environment. The special feature of the system is a new sensor that is built into the spark plug directly by the heater in the engine combustion chamber. This allows the engine electronics the coordination of all complex processes in order to achieve optimal combustion.

Hidria has been intensively developing the cold start diesel system with a pressure sensor for 6 years. In this regard it cooperated with SiEVA development centre - Hidria being one of its important members - and development partners from Germany, France, and Japan. SiEVA invested more than EUR 5 million in the development, registered 5 international patents from a total of 15, and employed 7 developers.
In addition to gold, Hidria has also received a silver certificate for the development of the Air Light production line through which the consumption of material and energy in the production of laminations for electric motors has significantly reduced.

With the received awards Hidria once again proved that it is one of the top innovative companies both at home and in the world. This is also confirmed by the contracts in the amount of over EUR 300 million that were signed this year with major car manufacturers in the world that have been cooperating with Hidria for many years and entrust it the development and the production of the most complex and innovative products in the world.