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BMW Group Slovenia presented two electric cars to Hidria and the Jurij Vega Grammar School in Idrija

At the event, which was held in the Blue Hall in Idrija and was attended by over 600 visitors, BMW Group Slovenia presented two electric vehicles, both BMW 1 Series Active E, to Hidria and the Jurij Vega Grammar School.

Hidria and the students will use the electric vehicles for research purposes. In a joint project between Hidria, BMW Group Slovenia, the Idrija Rotary Club and the Jurij Vega Grammar School (GJV) entitled "Electrifying Young Talents in Slovenia!", they will search for solutions that will significantly contribute to the improvement and efficiency of the next generation of electric vehicles.

In the course of the project, mentoring by engineers and the rich knowledge gained during the implementation and development of innovative solutions in connection with electrical motor drives will be provided. The Idrija Rotary Club will provide material resources to support the students in the realisation of innovative ideas in connection with the production of a future vehicle prototype. Under the supervision of four professors in the field of physics, mechanics, electronics and mechatronics, GJV will form development teams out of more than 300 students of the Jurij Vega Grammar School, which will – with innovative, unconventional thinking, ideas and concrete initiatives – try to find improvements to existing electric vehicles and thus create new solutions for future ones, and install them in the new, upgraded BMW Active E model prototype.