Projects and references

BMW series M6 and X3

Hidria participates in the pre-development and manufacturing of the prototype of the automobile engine BMW M6.

The development of the prototype was a new challenge for the experts from Hidria Institute for Materials and Technology in Spodnja Idrija, since this was the first time they met with the development of a thin-walled product for an automobile engine. The development of the prototype with the software Catia has been completed and the project now continues with the development of a serial product.
In addition Hidria’s new solution – innovative oil heater - will first be integrated into BMW X3 series.The key function of the new technological solution developed by the experts of Hidria Institute Automotive from Tolmin is the heating of oil before it enters the filter.In the cool months of the year, the oil heater prevents the release of paraffin from oil and the consequent damaging and clogging of the filte