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Stožice Sports Complex, Slovenia

With the construction of the Stožice complex, complete with an arena that seats 12,500, an imposing stadium with a 16,000 seat capacity, and its accompanying infrastructure, Ljubljana has at long last obtained sporting facilities which enable it to measure up to other European capitals. Since its August inauguration, enthusiastic sports fans in the new stadium have often been left holding their breaths during various sporting events and matches, and ensuring that there is always plenty of fresh air, even during the most intense moments, is something that is taken care of by Hidria ventilation systems.

The effectiveness of air ventilation is directly dependent upon many subsystems and components which comprise the finished whole. So, an important segment in overall ventilation solutions is precise air flow control, especially in large structures, like Stožice Stadium. This is maintained by 94 square and circular electronic air flow volume control units from the Hidria SimpLY family, which enable not only the very precise regulation of desired air speeds, but also the possibility of subsequently resetting any of the desired parameters. These units are also characterised by their low energy consumption, and are user  friendly.

The stadium has an otherwise classical ventilation system, which makes use of Hidria recuperative air handling units for the preparation of primary air, while secondary preparation and diffusion is carried out by ceiling cassette convectors, which have been placed all around the accompanying facilities. Five air handling units have been built in, each with an air volume flow rate of 70,000 m3 /h , which ventilate the change rooms, corridors and entrance hall, the VIP lounges, conference areas for journalists and the banquet hall, and designated areas for doping control and judges – all together an area of 5,900 m2.

Simulation of air displacement ventil.      Built-in diffuser OD-7ST                Measurements at the Hidria Institute Klima

In the sporting arena of the complex, a suitable quantity of fresh air is supplied by supply nozzles VŠ-5 and OD-7ST swirl diffusers, and since the angle of the directional blades can be adjusted, optimal air speed and temperature can be attained in any of the frequented areas. With the aid of an actual model in the Laboratory for Testing and Measuring Air Distribution Elements at Hidria Institute Klima, it was ascertained that optimal conditions could be achieved if the OD-7ST air-supply element was built-in under every other seat in the arena.
According preliminary calculations, using air displacement ventilation in the Stožice sports hall allowed to save up to 30% of energy, needed for heating and cooling.