Projects and references

Demanding clean room solution for Krka KRC

Krka KRC is a chemical R&D center within the slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka in Novo mesto, designed to develop new pharmaceutical products.

For this demanding facility, which is requiring a high level of air purity, the air supply is carried out through AFV-8G diffusers for hazardous areas (category 2 and 3G), while the air extraction is fulfilled by air handling units for hazardous areas (category 3G). First, the exhaust air is passing through FR filter grilles and, additionally, in order to protect the environment from potentially hazardous dust particles, also through duct units with HEPA filters in explosion proof version.
For this purpose, a special AKF Ex unit according category 3G for hazardous areas was developed, with a safe filter replacement system (bag-in / bag-out) with pre-filter, two consecutive HEPA filters and a by-pass with filters with activated carbon. This by-pass is activated via airtight dampers (airtightness class 2 according to EN 1751) and NC drives for hazardous areas in case of handling with hazardous compounds. The filter with activated carbon eliminates these compounds (via chemical reaction) and the thus purified air can be released in the environment.