Projects and references

Hidria providing the electrical machine drive for best in class AVL's new Range Extender

As a part of a strategic challenge to enable the electric power trains and thus electrical cars to penetrate the market quickly, AVL List GmbH from Graz , Austria developed a production, weight, package, NVH and emissions optimized Range-Extender system. The development of an innovative custom designed e-machine drive variant (e-machine and power electronic controller) was entrusted to Hidria.

On the basis of decades long history in the development and manufacturing of electrical machines and of innovative new approaches the most appropriated high performance e-machine was designed and manufactured. The e-machine is coupled directly to the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine (254 ccm, Wankel type, optimized for single operation point at 5000 rpm) of the Range-Extender system. Through the motor and generator operation mode the e-machine drive cranks the internal combustion engine, assists at the ramp-up of the rotational speed of the crankshaft toward the nominal rotational speed and then it converts into the generator, delivering 15 kW of electric power in the voltage range of 250 V to 450 V. Optimal performance of the e-machine drive is strictly connected to state-of-the-art e-machine control algorithms, which were introduced by Hidria's engineers, incorporating competences of the Faculty of Electrical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. Complete unit has been exhibited on one of the most important summits of the engineers from the automotive industry last week on the Engine & Environment conference in Graz.

The Range-Extender design approach is rising up high interests at several European engine and car manufacturers, viewing the idea of using a Range-Extender system to bridge the time gap to the actual availability of sufficient performance electric batteries and assure fastest possible launching of the electric propelled vehicles on European roads.