Decreasing the weight of the powertrain with specially designed complex machined high precision aluminum and magnesium parts and subassemblies directly effecting the improved power consumption ratios. We are improving the burn-off and decreasing burden on the nature with our ellectronically driven diesel cold starts of the new generations.

Diesel cold start systems

The new generations of diesel engine cold start systems are compliant with the EURO 5 standard. Electronic steering and longer glowing time of the plug allow for a 40% reduction of harmful emissions at the stage of motor heating and considerably quieter operation. In connection with our partners we are developing new systems for the regeneration of exhaust gases

Hybrid systems

As a solution and to bridge the time gap to the market availability of higher performance electric batteries a special configuration of electric power-train platform is being promoted, introducing a “Range -Extender” unit. The main goal of such a power-train composition is to maintain the pure electric power train and consequently highest environment acceptance of the car.

Alu die castings

Development of technologically complex parts from aluminium alloys is supported by state-of-the-art know-how and technologies in the field of high-pressure casting and processing of aluminium.  Parts are made of light aluminium alloys which reduce the total mass of the vehicle, fuel consumption and pollution of the environment with harmful emissions.

Stamped and precision parts

Development of new materials and technological solutions with the assistance of nano-technologies, use of the method of simulating the transformation of electromagnetic sheet metal and casting of aluminium are completed by technological equipment and tools which guarantee the highest product quality.

We develope and produce fine blanking parts using our state of the art fine blanking technologies. Products are build in many different types of the cars