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Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar at Hidria: "You are one of the flagships."

The Prime Minister of Slovenia Dr Miro Cerar and the government delegation visited the high-tech premises of Hidria in Sp. Idrija. The management of the corporation presented him the most recent achievements and innovations of the Group which moves the boundaries of the global technology progress in its segment. The managers of Hidria especially emphasised that such success was not possible without strong ambition, excellent colleagues and strategic partners, and consistent investments into development and technology.

The Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar noted with interest the innovative products, production processes and solutions that have been used for years in the end products by the main names in the automotive and industrial world to their full satisfaction, for example Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche and others. The managers of Hidria presented to the Prime Minister also the project Green Keltika, which is being upgraded by the corporation and its partners with the Edison projects - the Innovative Green Mobility Centre Koper and Green Balkanika. With this step, Hidria widely opens the door to the world of digital technology of green mobility of the future.

In the past five years, Hidria spent around EUR 100 million on investments into development and high-tech equipment. And in the next five years it plans EUR 110 million more. This totals to more than EUR 210 million in the period 2012-2021. In the next five years, the corporation will focus on the development of new, innovative products and the strengthening of personnel and leading global positions in its segments.

Here, Spodnja Idrija plays an important role. Namely, this site employs almost 900 people out of the total of 2000 employed by Hidria in four countries - Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and China. Thus, the corporation is one of the key employers in the region of Idria-Cerklje and wider. In the next five years, Hidria will recruit over 100 new employees, especially experts from the technical area. The current successful business, with 2016 as the most successful year so far, innovative breakthroughs and new contracts, and strengthened supplier and business connections with global partners along with accelerated deleveraging give the corporation financial stability and global competitiveness.

On this occasion, the management of Hidria presented to Primer Minister Cerar the proposals to speed up the development of the economy in our country. The salaries of development and technical experts should have a smaller tax burden. As they are the carriers of innovation and technology breakthroughs, they must be reimbursed competitively and comparably to the neighbouring developed countries. Besides, the focused stimulation of the strategic development of breakthrough innovative solutions in the area of green mobility of the future should be continued. Namely over 20% of the goods export in Slovenia are already connected with them.