Competence Centre Industrial Automation

The Competence Centre Industrial Automation develops and produces high-tech solutions for automated assembly processes for its business partners. Each project is designed comprehensively and in line with the needs and wishes of the customer. In addition to custom designed solutions in the automotive and electric industry, the medical devices industry and the household appliances components, Centre also offers a wide range of standard modules for assembly lines. More ...
Different technologies managed by Competence Centre Industrial Automation in Koper:
  • mechanical operations: assembling, punching, bending, orbital riveting,
  • feeding: feeding of individual parts, bulk material feeding, feeding of oil, grease, paint, spiral springs,
  • welding and connecting: fluxing, soldering, resistance welding, laser welding, TIG and MIG welding, ultrasonic welding, heat welding,
  • marking: ink-jet, laser marking, engraving, labelling,
  • packaging: bulk and individual packaging, packaging in blisters, etc. (in collaboration with companies specialising in forming packaging materials, we complement assembly lines with product packaging lines),
  • assembly processes involving: units for measuring electrical quantities (current, voltage, breakdown strength, magnetic field strength, resistance), units for measuring distance, speed, RPM, dimensions, forces, torque and units for measuring pressure, flow, leakage, etc.
  • assembly processes involving: cartesian, SCARA and multiaxis robots and machine vision systems to control assembly operations or to measure dimensions, processes, etc.

The automation of assembly processes delivers greater productivity, higher product quality and greater competitiveness. In addition to smooth production, companies can achieve greater manufacturing precision and be more flexible in responding to market requirements, resulting in better operating results. With automated manufacturing processes, companies can even produce technologically demanding products with higher added value.

Development, design and implementation of all production, logistics and management processes in the Competence Centre Industrial Automation is conducted in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.


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