Hidria Institute for Materials and Technologies

Hidria Institute for Materials and Technologies focused on the development of innovative technological and product solutions for the automotive industry and the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry. By looking for new environmentally-friendly materials and technologies that allow for efficient use of alternative energy sources, development of solutions for hybrid and electrical vehicles and the use of advantages of advanced nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, it ensures growth of Hidria’s competitive advantage and the status of pre-development supplier on the European and the global market.

Hidria Institute for Materials and Technologies operates according to the principle of “open innovation”. When planning its development projects, it is looking for the synergies with Hidria’s other two development institutes and external knowledge centres. It also plays an important role in the field of the education and training activity in the framework of Hidria’s Knowledge Academy. The institute has adequate competencies which enable it to ensure quick movement of innovations to the market, thanks primarily to the “virtual development" which allows for fast and efficient designing of products, implementation of function simulations and thus final optimisation of products. At the same time, it guarantees optimised planning of technological processes without the time-consuming production of numerous interim versions of the prototypes of the same product.

The development activity of Hidria Institute for Materials and Technologies, which will start operating in the newly-constructed facility in the near future, will be carried out in seven laboratories:

  • laboratory for geometric analyses,
  • laboratory for metrology,
  • laboratory for chemical analyses,
  • laboratory for mechanical and physical analyses,
  • laboratory for electric drives,
  • laboratory for heat processing and
  • laboratory for validation of Hidria's selected products, especially in the automotive industry programmes


Hidria Inštitut za materiale in tehnologije
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