Leadership policy


We are building a corporate culture based on responsibility. We respect people and the environment, we operate with the thought of future generations.

We are responsible to employees. We strive for mutual trust and good relations, and professional and personal development of each employee. We are committed to reduceoccupational health and safety risks. The aim is a safe and healthy working environment. We are improving motivation of employees with clear defined objectives and flexible wages policy.

We are responsible to customers and end users. The safety of users who use products with built-in Hidria solutions always comes first.  We understand, respect and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. Together we’re developing innovative solutions that provide a higher quality of life, safety and well-being of users. We are a reliable, transparent and trustworthy business partner.

We are responsible to suppliers. We are building partnerships and deploying them our philosophy. We continuously improve quality and common competitiveness.

We are responsible to local communities. Our fundamental responsibility is to provide long-term attractive work places. Volunteering work of Hidria employees contribute to the development of local society. Hidria supports clubs and public organisations in various areas of public life.

We are responsible for environment. In all business activities we are looking for innovative solutions that ensure efficient use of natural resources and reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our operation is transparent.

We operate in accordance with international standards and in accordance with regulation, legislation and other requirements.

Knowledge and competence

We respect knowledge and competence of each employee. We provide professional and personal growth of employees and encourage teamwork.

We are continuously improving knowledge with internal and external trainnings, we are encouraging education at work and scholarships. We share knowledge and experiences in company, with business partners and with new employees.


We are focused on the future, we respect and encourage originality and creativity of individuals and teams.

We are pre-development supplier of automotive and industrial technologies. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and innovative solutions for sustainable development. We are creating solutions based on knowledge. We regularly monitor and reward innovative performance of employees.


We monitor performances of business processes and activities and ensure their continuous improvement.

Our approach to excellence at all levels of business activities presents HLS - Hidria Leadership System.

Code of Ethics

We respect Code of Ethics in all companies in the Hidria Corporation.