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For the second year in a row Hidria among the most innovative companies

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce awarded us again, for the second year in a row, with the golden award for the best innovation in Slovenia. The corporation received the prestigious prize, which has been awarded for 20 years now, for its innovative Aeternus system - a 2nd generation metal glow plug developed by Hidria AET.

Together with the internationally awarded diesel engine cold start system with pressure sensor - Hidria Optymus PSG, Aeternus reduces the emissions of gasses hazardous for the environment and health, from diesel engines; this is an important contribution to sustainable development and the well-being of people. The awarded system is entirely made of recyclable materials. It represents an important quality leap in the European automotive industry, in the area of diesel engine cold start systems.

The new solution will be used in vehicles with state-of-the-art diesel engines as of 2018; it extends the life cycle of the system by over 20%, compared to existing solutions. Now the user can drive an average of 100,000 kilometres more before having to replace it. Aeternus improves the car dynamics and the operation of the engine when starting, as it reduces the emissions of CO2 and soot, i.e. NOx particles which present a health hazard.

The great success of Hidria AET was upgraded also by the Hidria Technology Centre. The Chamber of Commerce awarded it with the silver prize for an unique ultrasonic welding device for the chrome-plated trims of the Panamera model series of the prestigious German brand, Porsche. The solution allows to manufacture good pieces only, and to make large savings in time and energy, while being much more worker-friendly.