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With the Hungarian Ambassador about Hidria’s strategic projects

To strengthen the relations between Slovenia and Hungary, the Hungarian Ambassador in Slovenia, Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, visited Hidria. She took note of our most important achievements and innovations. We also presented the development plans for Hidria Bausch in Hungary and the international mobility project Edison to her.

During the visit to Hidria, the Hungarian Ambassador emphasised that her country wishes to strengthen the cooperation between both countries also in business. Our corporation is a perfect example, as at the moment it is the only Slovenian company with a production unit located in Hungary. Therefore she supports our expansion and wishes more such companies to be present in her country. In the coming years we will invest additional funds into the Hungarian Hidria Bausch site, for the development and high-tech equipment, and recruit new personnel. This will strengthen our business in one of the major European centres of the automotive industry, where corporations such as Audi, Mercedes, Opel and Suzuki have their plants.

We presented to the Ambassador also the strategic international mobility project where Hidria has an important connecting role. The Edison project is aimed at the establishment of an innovative centre for mobility technologies in Koper, where various international research and development institutions, companies, universities, start-ups and other interested public will jointly search for and test new mobility technologies. In the context of Edison, the participants of Green Balkanika and Adriatika will set up charging stations on the highways from Munich/Salzburg/Prague/Vienna/Graz/Bratislava/Budapest-Ljubljana-Koper-Zagreb-Belgrade-Skopje-Athens-Istanbul and thus provide the basic infrastructure for the environmentally friendly green electromobility in this region.

The Edison project received full support from the Ambassador who already announced the participation of our eastern neighbour country.  Hungary, like Hidria, sees this as an opportunity to strengthen the region’s business and increase the global competitiveness.