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Leonardo Project: With suppliers for die casting of higher quality

We hosted our main suppliers in the field of die casting in the scope of the Leonardo project at the business unit Hidria Alutec, which is operating in our Technology Park Koper. Together we consolidated partnership and looked for solutions to ensure production of top quality products.

Together with our main partners and suppliers in the field of die casting, the Swiss B├╝hler and Regloplas, the Italian Co.Stamp and the Slovenian Mariborska livarna Maribor MLM and Uniplast, we looked for new ideas and solutions for work processes of higher quality and more optimal production tools at the »Leonardo Die-Casting Days« two-day workshops. We wish to establish an efficient system for long-term production of high-quality innovative aluminium products. These products are installed in all major car brands as components of steering wheel systems and drive trains.

The Leonardo project thus strengthens partnership with suppliers, who are an important element when it comes to ensuring our quality and innovation. Through it, we relay important messages and values of Hidria to our partners, as we wish them to be acquainted with our development strategy, to support us in it and grow together with us. Hidria believes that open communication improves work processes and gives rise to new ideas. This strengthens competitiveness of us all and provides for major breakthrough innovations.