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Supporting children in distress with the “Pure Joy” campaign

This year we have decided to participate again in the humanitarian campaign, entitled Pure Joy. The Kranj-based Hidria Lamtec donated for charitable purposes a container of waste raw material to the “Botrstvo” (Sponsorship) project to help children in distress.

Hidria was pleased to take part in the “Pure Joy” humanitarian campaign so as to support both separation of waste and the Botrstvo project. The latter is organised by the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste – Polje and aims to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents who live in deprivation and need financial help and encouragement. For this purpose Hidria Lamtec donated a container of waste raw material which was evaluated by the organisers of this highly successful donation campaign. The funds will be allocated for financing holidays of children from less privileged backgrounds, camps, excursions, holiday daycare programmes and psychosocial assistance.

The campaign will be concluded on 24 March. By that date the organisers will collect waste electrical and electronic devices and equipment, steel scrap, non-ferrous metals and paper. They are calling upon all people to do their best and join in this unique donation campaign by searching for worn-out electronic devices in their warehouse, home and basement and in this way support both humanitarian and environmental endeavours.