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We developed key parts for the Formula Student together with students

This year, too, we have assisted the engineering team Superior Engineering in the development of their race car, which will participate in the international competition Formula Student in the category of electric vehicles. Together we have developed and produced key parts of the drive and steering system.

This year we helped the student engineering team Superior Engineering to develop and build gears based on their plans and models; gears are indispensable in any vehicle drive system and must be particularly strong due to high forces. The students also got to know a specific process rarely mentioned in the university, i.e. the hardening of material with the so-called vacuum plasma nitriding. This produces a softer and tough core and a very hard external surface of the material. We also helped them to build a steering shaft made of special aluminium supplied by the students. All parts are already installed in the race car, with which the engineering and racing team will take part in races in Italy, the Netherlands, and Hungary in July - for the first time in an electric vehicle.

Formula Student is one of the most renowned and largest engineering competitions in the world, founded in the United States by the Society of Automotive Engineers and now supported by the global automotive industry. The project combines invaluable experience from business, education and the research&development sphere. This year, our scholarship holder, electrical engineering student Jernej Å tremfelj, joined the team of young engineers.