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New Audi A6 and A7 using Hidria’s green technologies

The manufacturer of premium vehicles Audi presented a new soft-hybrid diesel engine with key parts developed by Hidria. The unit is used in the new models Audi A6 and Audi A7. Thanks to Hidria’s top-notch technology these vehicles are significantly cleaner and more energy-saving.

The new two-litre soft-hybrid diesel engine with four cylinders used in the models Audi A6 and Audi A7 presented this year is cleaner and more energy-efficient thanks to Hidria’s technology enabling modern diesel vehicles to achieve a significantly lower fuel consumption and emissions of gasses hazardous to the environment and to health. The new Audi drive unit uses an advanced 48V hybrid system with the so-called starter-generator technology. Its key parts were developed at Hidria. In addition to the diesel engines Audi uses its in petrol engines as well.

The system provides the driver with additional power when accelerating, and when braking or driving downhill it produces electricity to charge the batteries required to start the internal combustion engine and the electrical drive assistance. Due to this innovative high-tech construction both models, Audi A6 as well as Audi A7, consume under 4 litres diesel per 100 kilometres. The greenhouse CO2 gas emissions are lower too – less than 125 grams per kilometre.

But this is not all. The new Audi diesel engine – the first with four cylinders used by this prestigious manufacturer in their five-door coupés – has also Hidria’s breakthrough diesel engine cold start system with the pressure sensor Optymus PSG installed. Together with the soft-hybrid technology they lower the fuel consumption even further. The top-notch combination of the electrical and classical internal combustion engine drive technology makes the modern diesel cars emit up to 30 percent less harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere.

Vehicles with Hidria’s breakthrough innovative technology meet all currently applicable strict emission regulations. They also comply with the new environmental regulations that will enter into force in 2020. This is Hidria’s important contribution to the further development of clean diesel vehicles that are friendly to the environment and the health. With this new green technology they are becoming an important player in the modern green mobility of the future.