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Eurovent certificate for air handling unit TopAir

The air handling unit TopAir has joined the family of Hidria's high quality products, awarded with international certificates. It represents the next level of the air handling units Klimair2 with the EUROVENT certification since 2008.

Thus, TopAir is already Hidria's second air handling unit certified by Eurovent. Its major features are improved mechanical and thermodynamic characteristics as given below:

  • heat transfer:                 class T2
  • thermal bridges:           class TB2
  • mechanical stability:    class D1
  • casing air leakage:      class L2
  • filter by-pass leakage: class F9
The air handling unit TopAir has been in the market since 2009; it is designed for demanding buildings i.e. farmaceutical industries, indoor swimming pools, hospitals as well as for outdoor installation. The unit works in the air flow volume range between 1.000 and 100.000 m3/h in compliance with the norms DIN EN 1886, EN 13053, VDI 3803 and VDI 6022.
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