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New fire dampers in accordance with the EN 1366-2 standard

Within the framework of the fire protection programme, Hidria launched new fire dampers this year that are in accordance with the EN 1366-2 standard.

Hidria IMP Klima has successfully implemented the certification procedure in accordance with the European norms EN 1366-2, EN 13501-3 and EN 15650 through the process of obtaining the Slovenian Technical Approval and passing the examination of installation and production control by the fire laboratory of ZAG Ljubljana (the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute).

ZAG is a member of the European fire laboratories association Egolf, which enables better transparency and transferability of the test results. Certificates have been obtained for PL-10, PL-19 and PL-20 fire dampers; the fire resistance is EI 90-S (EI 120-S for PL-10). Hidria's fire dampers are also resistant to cold smoke, which makes it possible to transfer the smoke via the channel network and substantially increases the safety of the users.  

Thus, Hidria IMP Klima has successfully concluded part of the development and investment into fire protection products for use in ventilation systems. Fire dampers had to undergo multiple demanding tests of fire conditions as well as tests for smoke leakage for cold smoke. The testing was carried out under stricter conditions than those required by the standards, which makes it possible to install the dampers in thinner partition walls (minimum 100mm) of various types. The dampers are also optimized energy-wise and are more effective than similar models available from the competition.

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