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Hidria at Chillventa Fair with energy efficient solutions

In Nurnberg, Germany, one of the largest European indoor climate fairs, Chillventa, started today. The organisers expect more than 29,000 visitors in three days. Hidria is the only Slovene manufacturer among the 850 exhibitors from all over the world, presenting its energy-efficient solutions.


In accordance with the global trends in the field of indoor climate industry, which is constantly striving to reduce the consumption of energy and harmful emissions, Hidria decided this year to highlight the solutions famous for their reduced energy consumption and significantly increased efficiency: innovative IPM motors and electronically commuted fans (EC fans). IPM motors with permanent magnets are intended to be integrated in the air-conditioning compressors used for cooling food in industrial cooling processes. Their efficiency is up to 6% higher than the efficiency of standard AC motors and can be further increased when operating without control electronics or with subsequently integrated electronics. Some models of Hidria’s IPM motors are being tested in Germany, in the laboratories of one of the largest global manufacturers of semi-hermetic compressors which co-operates with Hidria in the development area.
For the first time this year, the fan programme presented by Hidria to the global public comprised only EC fans. In the future, these will completely replace the standard fans, as they are up to 30% more energy-efficient than the latter. The new range of high-performance and energy-efficient Hidria’s solutions includes fans of diameters between 250 and 500mm, with control electronics. These include innovative axial fans with corrugated geometry, which are one of Hidria's most famous products. EC fans are intended for integration in all new generations of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation devices that are compliant with high ecological standards.
Both Hidria’s IPM motors and EC fans have already received several rewards for innovations, including the reward of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the most innovative products in the country.