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Updated technical documentation for Hidria air handling units

On our website the updated technical catalogue for customized modular air handling units was published that boasts also with new design.




As the main news in the catalogue the following are to mention: 

 ■ For the family of highly efficient compact air handling units the data for larger models up to the maximum air flow 11000 m3/h are added, new is also the division into CompAir CF model (with counterflow heat exchanger) and CompAir RW (rotary heat exchanger), which are particularly suitable for air conditioning of small business premises.

■ Upgraded is the most common housing for Hidria air handling units with a 50 mm panel, which boasts better air tightness. It is available in versions TopAir (class TB3 thermal bridges) and TopAirPlus (class TB2 thermal bridges)

■ Updated are also the technical data for individual functional sections, while the housing with panel thickness  15 mm and 33 mm for smaller air handling units has been phased out.

The new catalogue is currently available in English and Russian. 

Download catalogue