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Hidria system solutions for clean rooms

Hidria is increasingly establishing itself as a supplier of system solutions for clean rooms, which include assistance in design and supply and installation of clean room subsystems. With a wide range of products and services we can meet high technical requirements for all kind of rooms where the highest level of hygiene has to be ensured. Besides surgery rooms, laboratories and intensive care rooms, we can also equip auxiliary rooms for health facilities, computer rooms and pharmaceutical, food and nuclear industry plants.

The short brochure System solutions for clean rooms contains a more detailed description of our offer, in case of additional questions our experts are available for you - send inquiry ...

On our website also the updated technical catalog for absolute air filtration is published, among the main product improvements the following are to be mentioned: 
Upgraded are the filter housings KPF with active carbon filters, while the housings AFV-8B, AFV-8C and APF are newly developed.

  • KPF with active carbon allows the elimination of odors from the air extracted from various places such as toilets and restaurants.
  • AFV-8B is a new HEPA filter housing, where masks OD-5 and OD-15 have been added. The newly designed construction allows much easier installation compared with cases of earlier models.
  • AFV-8C is a filter housing that is suitable for installation in suspended ceilings and features a special way to attach the mask.
  • The main innovation in Hepa filters are HEPA filters under Hidria brand with "Mini Pleat" inserts, which means less pressure drop at nominal flow.

The new catalog is currently available in Slovenian and in English.