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Ducati awards Hidria for quality

After being proclaimed the most innovative company in Europe a little over a year ago, in the past few months Hidria has received several recognitions from its buyers and partners for being a quality and reliable supplier of products and services. A few days ago, we were thrilled to hear about Ducati’s special recognition.

Ducati awards its best suppliers annually. There were six awards this year and Hidria received the award for consistent quality and logistics.

Hidria has been an important supplier of components and solutions for motorcycles for a long time, in cooperation with several major global manufacturers of these vehicles. Ducati, which became part of Audi two years ago, is definitely among them. With this in mind, we were especially excited to receive the award, given that Audi, one of the major luxury car manufacturers, has raised the quality standards in its production to an even higher level. This is what makes the award so much more significant and serve as confirmation of Hidria’s quality and competencies.