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Compact air handling unit with reversible cooling system CompAir CF FREE

The family of Hidria compact air handling units has been extended by the model CompAir CF FREE, which is among the first such units with integrated reversible cooling system. Like the existing models, CompAir CF with counterflow heat exchanger and CompAir RW with rotary heat exchanger, the new unit is suitable for energy-efficient ventilation of residential premises, cafes and small to medium sized commercial premises.

CompAir CF FREE is available in six sizes and covers a flow range from 1.150 m3 / h to 10,700 m3 / h. The device is distinguished by a high degree of heat recovery - up to 90%. In addition to the air handling unit there is no need for a separate cooling system (chiller, compressor condenser unit) or heating unit (boiler) for preparation of hot water, which greatly reduces the cost of investment.

Main advantages:

  • All-in-one – everything is integrated into one compact unit for indoor and outdoor application
  • Integrated reversible cooling system with inverter compressor and complete automation
  • Up to 30% less energy consumption
  • No need for additional heating or cooling unit (excluding extremely low temperatures)
  • No need for additional pipe connections and fittings
  • Lower investment and installation costs
CompAir CF FREE as a standard compact air handling unit can be simply and quickly selected from the catalog. The section with the reversible cooling system can also be additionally integrated in an existing compact air handling with counterflow heat exchanger. Advanced technology allows for extremely precise control of cooling power, resulting in greater energy efficiency. The device is also available in L1 class.

Technical catalog CompAir CF FREE