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Hidria won CLEPA First Award for Best Innovation in Green Technologies

CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, in Brussels, Belgium, awarded Hidria Corporation the First Award for the Hidria Optymus Pressure Sensing diesel engine cold-start system with pressure sensorics. With this most innovative solution in Europe in the “Green Technologies” flagship category, followed by prominent Valeo on the second and Bosch on third place, next generation diesel engine fuel consumption and poisonous gas emissions will be reduced by up to 30 percent towards curent standard solutions after 2018.

CLEPA awarded Hidria the First Award for Best Innovation in Green Technologies as the Optymus Pressure Sensing System marks a new milestone in the development of modern diesel engines. Hidria’s breaktrough innovation won  CLEPA’s award as it best expresses quality, ambition, market relevance and strong impact on automotive industry. Optymus Pressure Sensing System radically cuts fuel consumption in diesel engines and significantly contributes to health and environmental protection.
While the standard glow plug enables efficient cold start of diesel engine, Hidria's Optymus Pressure Sensor System is converting it into a core player in the future diesel engines, that constantly monitors the burn-off process in combustion chamber and radically optimizes it during the whole operating time of the engine. Optymus Pressure Sensor measures the pressure in the cylinder using a piezzo electric pressure sensor transducer and with integrated  smart micro electronic ASIC process the signal with an accuracy, similar to reference laboratory pressure sensors. The level of accuracy is unprecedented to anything seen in the glow plugs technollogy ever before. The result of its integration into corresponding engine management system is the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions of up to 30 % towards today's standard solutions.
Hidria already signed important strategic agreements with some major global automotive manufacturers to supply the Optymus Pressure Sensor after 2017, valued at more than EUR 110 million. Hidria diesel cold start systems will be present in at least every third diesel powered car in Europe. Hidria is investing over 25 mio € in the Optymus Pressure Sensor design and industrialisation. Optymus Pressure Sensor will be manufactured in Hidria AET, company located in Tolmin. Hidria will open over 50 new high-tech related working places in the next up to 5 years.
As Hidria became the most innovative enterprise in Europe in 2012/13 according to EBA, European Business Awards, last year the Optymus Pressure Sensor System received the Golden Award for Best Innovation in Slovenia from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With prestigeous CLEPA Award and the signed strategic agreements Hidria and its Tolmin are now becoming a global epicentre for innovative solutions for high-tech cold start of diesel engines, re-confirming its  related leadership position in breakthrough innovative solutions in Europe and globally.
Hidria, covering 20 % of global market for diesel cold start and 30 % of European market for core solutions of hybrid/electrical vehicle powertrains stands for break through innovation in sustainable mobility in high-efficient ICE and HEV powertrains. CLEPA gathers over 130 core European and global automotive suppliers, including Bosch, Continental, Denso, Faurecia, Johnson Controls, Magna, Mahle, Valeo, and many others. Annually, these companies invest EUR 18 billion in research and development, while generating as much as EUR 600 billion in annual revenues. Their solutions make up to 75 percent of an entire car, and 80 percent of the added value of every manufactured car.