Projects and references

Hidria in the new prestigious Porsche

Hidria developed an innovative solution for the active electrically-supported steering wheel system which will be integrated into the new generation of Porsche 911 after the year 2011. With this project, it joined the producers of the most complex and prestigious steering wheel systems with exceptional steering performance under extreme conditions.

In combination with the 'Porsche Traction Management' system which enables variable transmission of power to both main shafts, Hidria’s steering wheel system will take care of the highest level of steering performance, safety and efficiency and at the same time guarantee comfortable driving even in the most extreme conditions.  Hidria’s engineers from Hidria MIT Institute (Materials and Technologies), Spodnja Idrija, started constructing advance development solutions for active steering wheel systems which will be incorporated in Porsches on the actuator systems for active electrically-supported steering wheel system for the sport version M of BMW, Series 5.