Projects and references

Citroën Nemo

Hidria’s completely new ignition system, compliant with the demanding EURO5 environmental standards, will be built into the automobiles Citroën Nemo. The system for cold starting of diesel engines plays an important role in assuring reduced emissions in the time of motor heating and in the phase of solid particle filter regeneration.

The electronic controller enables fast heating and more stable operation of the engine.Compared to the previous solution, this innovation enables much shorter time of pre-glowing, which guarantees quick ignition that can be compared to petrol engines.The tip of the glow plug is heated to 1000°C in less than 2 seconds.Hidria’s system furthermore guarantees stable ignition also at -30°C. Longer glowing time of the system allows for a 40% reduction of harmful emissions at the stage of motor heating and considerably quieter operation.