Projects and references

Galerija Emporium, Slovenia

In the centre of Ljubljana, a new modern shopping centre was opened, called the Emporium Gallery (Galerija Emporium). It is located in the Urbanc palace, at the corner of the PreŇ°eren Square, the place of the former Centromerkur, which has undergone complete renovation over the last years, according to the original plans and had new life breathed into it. In the complex renovation of the building, Hidria took care of the complete indoor climate and air regulation.

The fire safety in the renovated building is provided by Hidria’s fire and smoke dampers and pleasant indoor climate in the prestigious shopping centre is created by Hidria’s ventilation grids made of steel and aluminium with special construction dimensions, and six air-conditioning devices.

Due to the fact that the building is subject to monument protection, the works were extremely difficult and Hidria again proved that it was capable and able to meet the highest standards in the field of air-conditioning, required by the state-of-the-art shopping centres.

The Urbanc palace was one of the first buildings of its kind in Europe, intended for the trading business ever since its construction in 1903. Immediately after the Second World War it was taken away from the owner Felix Urbanc and then returned to his heirs in the privatisation process a few years ago. They decided to renew the neglected building.

The Urbanc palace thus preserved its trading business and now offers prestigious fashion articles made by domestic and international fashion designers. With its imposing appearance, the building definitely attracts the attention of the visitors and with its range of products offered, which will easily satisfy the wealthiest customers, it is without doubt the most cosmopolitan shopping palace in Slovenia.  Hidria’s renovation solutions definitely contributed to the icing on the cake.