Projects and references

Hotel Europe in Sarajevo

Hotel Europe was built in 1882 on the crossroads of Oriental and European Sarajevo, and as such, has been infused with the best attributes of both worlds. It is located in the very heart of the city, just a stone's throw away from the older tourist centre. The traditional spirit and atmosphere is alive and well in the older parts of the hotel, while the newer sections are characterised by modern and minimalist lines. Throughout its history the hotel has been host to some of the most important people and personalities in both Europe and the rest of the world; distinguished politicians, movie stars, intellectuals, artists, and athletes, all of whom paid a visit while staying the city.

Now, 126 years later, the renovated hotel boasts of 160 luxuriously furnished rooms, 10 apartments, all built and arranged according to the highest standards in the world – two of them being presidential suites, four conference halls, which are fully equipped for simultaneous translation, and a rich wellness centre, with a pool, tanning rooms, saunas, a Turkish bath, massage areas... 

Built into the hotel are various Hidria products: more than 800 air distribution elements, 235 fan coils, 19 fans, 11 ceiling cassette fan coils, 10 air handling units, four chillers, and four kitchen hoods. In this way, the renovated hotel Europe represents one of Hidria's most important reference buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina.