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First electric moped produced based on Slovenian know-how

Tomos from Koper, Iskra Avtoelektrika and Hidria have recently agreed on co-operation in the development and manufacture of the first electric moped based on Slovenian know-how. Under the established Tomos brand, the two-wheeler is expected to hit the roads in early 2012, targeting mainly Western and Northern European markets, including Slovenia.

This is the first electric moped produced solely in Slovenia and based on Slovenian know-how. The basic and application part of the development will be provided for by experts from the Hidria AET, the electric motor and controls will be supplied by Iskra Avtoelektrika, the bodywork will be manufactured by Hidria at the Koper location, and Tomos will be in charge of the project, overseeing the production of final products and marketing of the already established Tomos brand.

The new line of electric mopeds will be based on existing design guidelines with modern additions. The two-wheeler will be equipped with LED lights, cruise control, digital measurement technique, and will have reverse ability.

Tomos expects about 3,000 mopeds to be produced annually in the first two years. Given the trends in the two-wheeler industry, the project has exceptional growth potential and annual turnover could in the future exceed even 10,000 mopeds.

The two-wheeler will be targeted chiefly at the Swiss, Dutch, Belgium, French, German, Danish, Swedish and naturally Slovenian market. Tomos is also counting on institutional buyers, as electric moped is an excellent means of transport for mailmen, city traffic wardens, delivery services, etc.

Already at the start of the up-coming year, Tomos will launch a new electric scooter E-Lite designed predominantly as a fast means of getting around within urban centres.