Projects and references

Clean room turn-key solution, RLS Komenda

Turn-key solutions for clean rooms, which include supply of air filtration, distribution and volume control systems, as well as the supply and installation of special walls, doors and lighting elements are one of Hidria's new focuses, already meeting great response in different markets. Among the more interesting projects, where Hidria acted as a provider of a complete solutions for clean room and also supplied the HVAC system, a building management system and carried out all mechanical installations, is the headquarters of the company RLS in Komenda, Slovenia.

The opening of the new office and production facilities of the company RLS, which develops, manufactures and markets advanced linear and angle encoders and their components, took place in September 2012. The facility was built on the principle of providing high energy efficiency, with separate heating and cooling systems providing maximum comfort and a remotely manageable Hidria central building management system (BMS).
The clean room represents a 160 m2 production area for electrical components. The required grade of air purity was ISO 8 in the state of "as built" according to ISO 14644-1. The quantity of supplied air is 10,000 m3 / h (20 air changes / hour) with mixing (fresh air / circulation air) in a ratio of 10/90, which is prepared in the hygienic version air handling unit. Required characteristics were also humidity 40% ± 5% and a constant temperature of 22 ° ± 1C.  The air handling unit, if required, provides additional moisturizing (own electric steam generator) and dehumidification (cooler and additional heater). For maintaining a constant pressure of 15 Pa, electronic air flow volume control units are installed in the exhaust air duct and connected to pressure sensors  and a controller. The air is supplied to the clean room through 12 AFV-8G diffusers with HEPA filters class H14 according to DIN EN 1822-1:2010, a gel gasket and front panel  type OD-8 600/48, while the air return is carried out through KD-12 diffusers.  The temperature and humidity are controlled trough a central control system.
For this project Hidria also supplied and installed special walls, ceilings, floors, doors with interlock systems, lighting components and provided complete electrical installations.
High energy efficiency is achieved also by means of advanced automation, which automatically switches between different regimes depending on the occupancy of the premises and the actual need for heating and cooling in different parts of the day. Via a central control system also the heat pump, two air handling units and ceiling cassette fan coil can be controlled. The precise regulation of air volume is achieved using electronic air flow controllers and special OD-17 VAV-diffusers, which, independently to the supplied air volume, maintain a constant air supply distance and sound characteristics.