Projects and references

Hidria’s Solutions in the New Hybrid Versions of Mercedes C- and E-Class

In recent years, the Hidria Corporation has boosted its investments into the development of high-tech solutions for the automotive industry, solidifying its position among the leading producers in terms of the development and production of laminations for the electrification of vehicles.

Hidria has already worked with Daimler in the past, mainly on the development project for the brand new and prestigious fully electric Mercedes SLS E-Cell, and in recent weeks we have managed to bolster our cooperation with Mercedes even further. Specifically, Hidria entered into the project of the development and subsequent serial production of laminations for the latest generation of the electric motor used in the hybrid drive of Mercedes C-Class and E-Class cars, which will be installed in the rest of the vehicles from Daimler’s range in the future. A team of Hidria experts from Slovenia and Germany will handle all the high-tech solution planning, design, tool-making, and project preparation and management, while most of the envisaged prototype and serial production will take place at Hidria Bausch in Germany.

We consider Hidria being nominated for Daimler’s project a major success and a confirmation that we are on the right track in terms of our strategy in green mobility.