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The new Porsche Boxster will bear Hidria’s mark

Over the past years, Hidria has already reinforced its reputation as a provider of the most complex, high-technology and innovative solutions for premium vehicles. It was announced a while ago that Hidria’s solutions will be incorporated in the Porsche Spyder. However, this time Porsche has entrusted the Hidria corporation with manufacturing components for another of their flagship car models.

It is a cooperation on a new “roadster”, the Porsche Boxster, which will further strengthen Hidria’s recognisability in the specialised segments of the automotive industry. With its innovative solutions, Hidria will help the system supplier with the optimisation of the engine’s operation.

Hidria’s components, made from aluminium alloys and installed into the primary water pump, will be powering the new Porsche Boxter models from 2015 onwards. The development of prototypes and production components is entirely the work of Hidria’s engineers from their location in Spodnja Idrija, where regular production will take place from 2015 onwards.

With this solution, Hidria will provide new approaches to optimising the cooling of the engine, which will consequently lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the Porsche Boxter sports car.

And what about the specifications of the new Boxster? Porsche engineers have hidden 370 HP under this refined sports car’s bonnet and the German “roadster” can also boast a maximum torque of 440 Nm.

Of course, all the details of the new Boxster have yet to be revealed. We will have to wait until Porsche officially unveils the new Boxster. The Germans are already claiming that the new Boxster, with all its attributes, will finally shake off the nickname “baby Porsche”, which it earned after the introduction of the first generation of this model in 1996.