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New generation of Hidria axial fans

The latest high technology generation of Hidria electronic commutation industrial axial fans (HEC - Hidria EC fans) is a novelty in the market. This is already the third generation of high performance and energy efficient axial fans, which are to replace the majority of current induction motor driven fans upon the entry in effect of the new European Commission energy efficiency criteria for electrical machinery early in 2015.

Among the major new features in the new generation is an innovative layout of the electronics within the fan, ensuring efficient cooling of the product by means of an attractively designed advanced cooling set of ribs, thus allowing application in thermally demanding environments.

In addition to the above, Hidria's team of development engineers also succeeded in enhancing the newest generation of axial fans with electronic commutation with a number of other advanced operating functions, in particular energy efficiency, low noise levels and a long service life.

Since, due to their function, fans are often the visible element of the overall unit, special attention was devoted to visual design in the scope of development of the new range of axial fans with electronic commutation. Thus, in the final design stage, we invited the designers of the Wilsonic Design company to our team. The development and design teams succeeded to combine design and advanced operating functions; the end result of this effort is a range of fans distinguished for top level solutions and aesthetics, for application as visually exposed components in the most demanding air conditioning, heating and cooling units.

This was also endorsed by a 40-head jury, which awarded the product excellent design solution with the coveted Red Dot for Product Design 2014 award.

Through successful development and industrialisation of the new generation of EC axial fans, Hidria has preserved a place as a development supplier in the demanding market of air conditioning, heating and cooling devices. Our break-through solutions, compliant with European directives, once again demonstrate our commitment to development innovations and advancement of living quality in the fields of occupant comfort and green mobility.


Product properties:

• 3rd generation Hidria EC fans,
• diameter range: 250‒630 mm,
• different control options: 0‒10 V, PWM, MODBUS. …,
• power range up to 400 W,
• built-in PID controller and active power factor correction unit (PFC),
• high overall efficiency,
• low in-rush current,
• compliant with directives: ErP 327/2011, RoHS, REACH … ,
• compliant with applicable residential and industrial safety standards (EMC & LVD),
• suitable for operation in extreme environments: ambient temperatures from   25 °C to 65 °C,
• high protection class, IP 54,
• low operating noise level (innovative blade design),
• optimized heat distribution (special layout of electronics and additional cooling ribs on motor housing),
• long service life expectancy.