Knowledge and competence

Hidria brings COMPETENT people together. All our employees have the knowledge, experience, personal qualities, motivation, abilities and skills required in their area of work.

Hidria boasts highly qualified staff and expert teams. At our regular annual Hidria Forums we set the guidelines for the future development of the Automotive Technologies and Industrial technologies and innovations. Hidria’s employees receive ongoing training and attend large international fairs, expert meetings and consultations. Hidria supports undergraduate or postgraduate off-the-job studies. In the framework of the Hidria Academy of Knowledge, our specialist experts share their firsthand experience with their colleagues, students, junior researchers and business partners. Hidria ranks among the leading scholarship-awarding companies in Slovenia and regularly co-operates with Slovenian and foreign universities, institutes as well as primary and secondary schools. We are an active partner in the Career Club primary school project.


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Academy of Knowledge

Our Academy of Knowledge provides permanent education for Hidria’s experts, students, young researchers, designers and contractors. Hidria offers training in high-technology institutes, laboratory visits, presentations of products and the modelling of desired solutions. Hidria institutes are gathering places of renowned international experts and high-level guests from business and political spheres. 

Permanent Education

Hidria’s employees regularly participate in many different training courses. We place great emphasis on the in-house transfer of knowledge.

Career Club

The project aims to provide information and experience to primary school pupils to help them take their first career step in a well-informed, confident and independent manner.