Hidria is RESPONSIBLE. We respect people and the environment. We operate with future generations in mind.

We are dedicated to developing innovations that improve the quality of living, safety and well-being of people. The work of Hidria’s innovators is directed by: respect for people and the environment, energy efficiency, constant reductions in emissions and the use of alternative energy sources. We operate in line with international environmental standards. Constant endeavours to reduce energy consumption and emission levels are the drivers of our production processes. We encourage Hidria’s colleagues to participate in their broader social environment and assume responsibility in their local communities. We promote the development of talented young musicians and athletes. 


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We are aware that efficient and perfectly qualified employees, who combine their personal values and goals with the values and goals of the corporation, are the key to success. We respect every one of our employees and strive to create a pleasant and innovative working environment full of challenges.

Green Products

By developing innovations, Hidria is part of the global effort to ensure sustainable development of the environment. With a high share of integrated knowledge, Hidria’s solutions contribute to the improved safety and better health of people, efficient energy use and constant reduction of harmful emissions.

Responsible Operations

We know that we must keep nature and natural resources intact for future generations. We therefore do not burden the natural environment with production processes, while we strive for efficient energy and raw material consumption along with the safety and well-being of everyone who is in any way connected with us.

Social environment

We invest in the environment in order to improve the standard of living. Although we are a global player, we maintain solid business relationships with local suppliers, thereby increasing the economic vitality of the environments in which we operate. We pay special attention to young people. We promote their education and the development of talents.