Employee education

Hidria focuses its activity on complex, high-technology industry. To remain competitive and maintain the existing performance levels, it is necessary to constantly upgrade the knowledge of all employees, which is why Hidria organises training programmes in all key areas: controlling, finance, accounting, IT, HR management, communication, purchasing and sales. Hidria’s employees regularly attend large international fairs, conferences and congresses that offer the best opportunity to keep abreast with trends in individual market segments. We also put great emphasis on the in-house transfer of knowledge on the events like:

Hidria Automotive Forum

The Hidria Automotive Forum is intended for expert excursions of Hidria’s top managers to renowned European automotive industry centres, for education, for the exchange of experience and the drafting of Hidria’s strategic plans in the automotive industry.

Hidria Innovation Forum

The annual forum focuses on the development of one of the corporation’s basic values – innovativeness, which is regularly monitored and awarded in Hidria. This is an opportunity for a wide circle of Hidria’s managers to get together and learn new trends and examples of successful practice in the area of innovation management in international corporations. It is an occasion to reward Hidria’s innovators of the year, the creators of the best and most useful proposals and authors of the best degree theses.

Hidria Knowledge Academy

The Hidria Knowledge Academy provides permanent education for Hidria’s experts, students, young researchers, designers, contractors and users of Hidria solutions. Hidria offers its business partners and other groups and individuals training in high-technology institutes, laboratory visits, presentations of product functionalities and the modelling of desired solutions which clearly boosts their trust in the quality of our new solutions. Hidria institutes are gathering places in which renowned international experts and high-level guests from business and political spheres meet and deliver lectures. The Hidria Knowledge Academy co-operates closely with Slovenian and foreign universities, companies and international research centres. This creates a strong bond between basic research and industry which is interested in the rapid transfer of results into practice.

Hidria’s mentors transfer their knowledge to future generations of experts. In the preparation of study projects and research, they co-operate with under- and post-graduate students as well as school pupils who are thus able to acquire practical experience of occupations in the technical and natural sciences.

Off-the-job studies

Hidria also co-finances the off-the-job studies of its employees at undergraduate, post-graduate or specialist levels in areas of expertise strategically important for the corporation’s development. We also give the opportunity for further studies to those employees wishing to obtain or continue their secondary school technical education.

Education tailored to each individual

The employees of Hidria’s companies are educated regarding the Six Sigma methodologies, they expand their knowledge of production management, the management of technological processes in production and quality assurance and management. The technical staff are trained in laboratory measurements and the operation of measuring equipment. We organise seminars on the topics of business communication and rhetoric and effective negotiations. Hidria’s employees regularly participate in language and computer training courses, attend seminars covering new issues in legislation in all relevant areas and other internal training courses adapted to our employees’ needs.
The top managers from Hidria’s companies who work outside Slovenia regularly meet at summer and winter sales conferences. We also place great emphasis on the in-house transfer of knowledge, searching for strategies and exchange of experience in markets all over the world.