University and high school studends


Hidria is successfully implementing its vision with many young and educated experts. It has been one of the leading providers of scholarships in Slovenia for years. Most of our scholarships are granted to students of technical and natural sciences, particularly future mechanical engineers, mechanical engineering technicians, electrical engineers, electrical engineering technicians and mechanics-operators.

Co-operation with scholarship holders during their studies

Since we wish to include scholarship holders in Hidria’s life already prior to employment, during their studies we co-operate with them by providing the possibility to perform practical work, work through the student employment service, to compile papers and degree theses and by inviting them to social events. Each year, we organise special training courses for scholarship holders at which we present the work at Hidria, its business activity and employment opportunities.

Co-operation with universities

Hidria regularly co-operates with university faculties in both the area of development activity and the preparation of degree theses and papers of its scholarship holders. We co-operate with the faculties of mechanical engineering from Ljubljana and Maribor, the faculties of electrical engineering from Ljubljana and Maribor, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Ljubljana, the Faculty of Economics from Ljubljana, the Faculty of Social Sciences from Ljubljana, the University of Primorska and others.

Awards for the best degree theses

For several years, Hidria has been selecting and rewarding the best degree essays of the previous year. The rewarded degree theses have the following characteristics: a high grade given by the faculty, usefulness to Hidria, creativeness and innovation.

First employment

When selecting candidates, we pay the most attention to their personal traits, the matching of their values and Hidria’s values, the potential for development based on their engagement during studies while the level of education or studies Hidria’s scholarship holders have take priority in employment.


Hidria’s mentorship system enables young people to integrate into the work process more easily and successfully. With their business knowledge, expertise and experience, a mentor helps a new employee perform the tasks assigned to them in a more efficient way, helps them decide, assume responsibility and competence, achieve the set goals and achieve personal and professional development.

Education after employment

Even after becoming employed in Hidria, young experts are given the opportunity to continue their professional education.